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Behind the Scenes

We currently partner with small, craftsmen communities throughout Java, Indonesia. Many of which are small family businesses. Our goal is to expand to other similar communities throughout the world.

By partnering directly with them, we are able to ensure they are paid fairly and support the preservation of their craft and communities. This also keeps prices fair for you.

We only produce in small quantities because we truly believe that quality > quantity.

Our Partners


This is where we manufacture most of our furniture. Home to a community of highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen that has been making beautiful furniture for generations. The livelihood of entire families here rely on the furniture industry, so you can be assured your purchase is making a difference.


Many of our baskets and pottery come from this small, but rapidly developing island.


We're pretty sure you've heard of Bali, but besides the beautiful resorts and stunning beaches is a thriving artisan community whose creativity seems endless. A lot of our stone and rattan products come from our friends here.


Where most of our raw materials, particular teak, come from. It's remote, but it's part of what we go through to source the finest materials for you at an affordable price