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5 stunning materials having a moment in 2020

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5 stunning materials having a moment in 2020

Awareness around materiality is growing, and natural materials especially are having a surge in popularity.

1. Rattan/Wicker/Cane

If you're rolling your eyes, hold on. We're not talking about the over the top macrame themed abodes that are all over Instagram and Pinterest (although there's nothing wrong with them if that's how you roll). Rattan or cane, when styled right, can evoke a sense of barefoot luxury that's sophisticated and effortlessly chic. Think Jeanneret's Chandigarh chairs, Bruer's Cesca chairs or a Crespi lamp. 






2. Natural Stone 

Grainy marble, creamy translucent onyx, bold granites, and mesmerizing agate. It's not hard to see why natural stones have been surging in popularity. Perhaps it's the combination of inherent strength and the softness of their grains, or maybe even the amount of effort and care required to mold these natural beauties into their different final forms.







3. Textured fabrics/Bold prints

There will always be a place for tasteful neutrals, but 2020 isn't the year to be playing it safe with upholstery. Done right, the right selection of different fabrics can turn simple furniture silhouettes into visual feasts. Think Grand Millenial meets LA eclectic. 






4. Ancient ceramic silhouettes 

These have somehow been gaining popularity with the Instagram fashion + interior crowd. These forms are timeless and elegant. A great way to add a touch of classicism to modern white box apartments. 




5. Aged surfaces

There's something cool about giving new life to vintage pieces. They add a unique, very personal layer to spaces and are great tools to express your personality. The patina of old wood and brass can be a source of endless charm. Vintage pieces also tend to have a story behind them, making them a great conversation starter.